Available now – my new eBook “On the Road to Rio: Sport science strategies for the competing athlete”

** Available now on Blurb in eBook or PDF format **

Well here it is! My first eBook. I guess that makes me an author, as well as a scientist…but please, don’t let that put you off from reading it!

So, what is it all about? I wrote On The Road To Rio with the intention of providing a “pocket guide” for athletes and coaches who want to optimally prepare for the Olympic Games in Rio, and who are searching for that extra level of support from sport science. I realise that not all countries and sports federations have the opportunity to work with sport science and medicine experts in preparation for major events, therefore the purpose of On The Road To Rio is to provide athletes and coaches with practical yet simple strategies to enhance their preparation and performance. These strategies may be used by athletes and coaches without the need for external assistance, to be tested and refined in training prior to their implementation during competition at the Olympics. In fact, this is highly recommended! Please only choose the strategies that are best suited to your  training, performance and recovery needs, as all athletes vary in their response to certain treatments.

Being only 42 pages (including pictures!), this is not an intense read, nor is it an exhaustively detailed scientific textbook on athletic preparation strategies. However, what On The Road To Rio will provide you with is useful information on logistics, through to more performance-related topics such as travel and jet lag management, competition nutrition recommendations including examples of the type and quantity of food to eat, and the selection and implementation of recovery methods.

** You can purchase your copy now in eBook or PDF format **

If On The Road To Rio assists you to optimise your preparation and enhances your performance at the Olympic Games then my goal is achieved! I am really interested to hear your feedback on this book, and if you have any specific questions, requests or suggestions then please contact me, or reply in the Comments section to the left.

Good luck!

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