The Countdown is On…10 Days Till Kona 2017!

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For the non-triathletes of the world, next Saturday 14 October 2017, the world’s fittest, strongest, toughest and most dedicated athletes will converge on the Big Island of Hawaii, swimming, biking and running their way through the lava fields of Kona. Pro athletes, age groupers, young and old – the mother of all triathlon races welcomes all who are brave enough to try and conquer her! (And of course, who have put in the hard yards of training for months–even years!–just to qualify and have the pleasure of pushing themselves to their limits, in the hopes of overcoming this epic challenge.

Have I inspired you enough yet?

Needless to say, I think Kona is on every long distance triathletes’ dream list – including mine! The preparation, the dedication, the commitment to months of focused training to ensure optimal preparation for that one day of intense searing heat, gusty wind, and the mental challenge of an ironman race.

Athletes travel from all over the world for this event, which may well be the one and only shot they have at it, depending on how the triathlon gods favour them in coming years. So, as a contribution to all of you brave souls – pros and age groupers, support crews and coaches – for your pilgrimage to the Mecca, I have developed an eBook that will show you how to combat the jet lag and travel fatigue associated with this long-haul flight. In this eBook, you will find scientific strategies that address the pre-travel preparation, the in-flight and transit phase, and the recovery period including light avoidance strategies, to help you adjust to the Kona time zone as quickly as possible. This pocket book is the complete guide you need to ensure you arrive in Kona in the best form possible and recover like a champion – to be a champion on race day.

Combatting Jet Lag for Optimal Performance_Cover

And to show how much I really support you, for the next 10 days leading up to the big race this eBook can be downloaded for FREE! So take advantage of this offer now and kit out you and your support crew.

Good luck athletes – may the triathlon gods be with you!

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