SURVEY: Leveraging Sport Science to Optimise Performance

Survey Link Here

This is a shout out to all endurance athletes!

I kindly ask for your help in providing me with some insights into the sport science services that would be most valuable to you to optimally support your training and racing – whether you’re at the pro level or an everyday athlete out there to beat some PBs. What would help you to make this happen?

My goal is to provide you with the evidence-based information, practical strategies, and support that enables you to achieve every goal you set on your athletic journey. Essentially, I want to make available to you, the same services that are generally only available to elite athletes. The benefit to you? The information I collect from this survey will be taken on board, packaged up, and included in some awesome new performance packages, that are tailored to exactly what you–the athlete–wants! And they’ll be available through DrKellieRose of course.

Ready to get started?! Follow this link to the very short survey (only 10 questions!) which will take you approximately 3 minutes to complete. Voilà!

And if you have some training buddies – please rope them in too!

Thanks for your help team!


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