Top 5 Menstrual Cycle Tracking Apps

A recent social media post of mine sparked some interest and questions around which were the best apps for tracking your menstrual cycle. And when I started researching, well…let’s just say there are a few out there! So I have reviewed the apps and have shortlisted 5 for you – a mix of menstrual cycle and symptom trackers for active women, including physioogical recommendations for training and recovery; and the period trackers and ovulation predictors for fertility support.

As with all tracking apps, the more you use them and input your data, the more accurate they will be in their predictions. It’s also important to note if you do go searching for your own apps, that they can vary in their quality; by that I mean, the amount of input from scientists, researchers and medics to control the monitoring and interpretation of the metrics, and subsequently the information provided to the user. However these 5 listed here seem to be legit.

Without further ado, here are the top 5 menstrual cycle tracking apps (in no particular order):

  1. FitrWoman (free on Google Play and the App Store)
  • FitrWoman is the app for naturally-cycling active women (not taking hormonal contraceptives).
  • This app allows you to easily track your menstrual cycle using the calendar function, whilst monitoring symptoms using the pre-filled suggestions or by adding your own in the Notes section.
  • The homepage provides information on the hormone actions, training modifications, and nutrition needs, as well as immune health and cognitive function according to your current menstrual cycle phase in an educative manner.
  • The page banner provides Insights (think an Instagram story style) on health, hormone- and period-related topics.
  • This is one of the science-backed products created by bio-analytics company Orreco ( It has been built by a team of researchers, sport scientists, and data scientists, some of whom are female athletes.
  • Most importantly, it syncs with Strava! And Apple Health.
  • There is a paid Coach version available that allows the tracking of multiple athletes once their accounts are synced, allowing the coach to oversee his squad’s data.I can personally recommend this one – it’s the first app I used when I began to track my cycle and one that I ask my clients to use.

Pros: This app is great for the women who want a simple way to log their menstrual cycle data and symptoms, and gain a better understanding of what’s going on in each phase of their cycle. Handy tips and Insights provide some useful information to guide your training and performance.

Cons: The information is relatively generalized and not tailored to your training (it’s more of an activity log). Perhaps the main con is that there aren’t any visualisations or summaries of your menstrual cycle data, symptoms or other logged stats.

2. WILD.AI (free on Google Play and the App Store)

  • WILD.AI is the new kid on the block – an app for naturally-cycling active women who want to track their training, wellbeing, health, and menstrual cycling data and symptoms in one place – this is the closest app there is to achieving this.
  • Log your training sessions (including time and intensity) and receive nutrition recommendations for pre-, during and post-session fuelling and recovery. 
  • Modify your training intensity according to your cycle phase using the app’s recommendations (including explanatory information) for both endurance and strength training.
  • Provides in-depth physiological information on your cycle phases and training, nutrition, recovery, mental state, and supplementation needs.
  • Your Data page breaks down your cycle length and phases into days, and tells you where you are in your cycle at any given time (i.e. Day 26 out of 29, Mid-Luteal day 3 out of 7).
  • There are graphical summarises of all your tracked metrics including period and menstrual cycle symptoms
  • Use the Check-In function morning and evening to monitor sleep, illness, injury, nutrition & hydration, gut function, mood, stress (along with period symptoms).
  • Sync with Training Peaks and Garmin.
  • Science-backed product developed by experts in female physiology who also happen to be athletes.
  • There’s a Team version available for coaches to track multiple athletes.
  • Can personally recommend it – my app of choice. Also ask my athletes to use it.

Pros: Excellent breadth and depth of the information that is tracked. Personalised to you and your physiology according to your training and recovery needs (quantified recommendations). It includes symptom mitigation strategies, and excitingly, support for menopause and hormonal contraception are in development.

Cons: Not really a con, but the app is still in beta phase, however gives ability to contribute feedback and make feature requests. Regularly updated versions available. (It is a fully-functioning app as is).

3. Clue (free on Google Play and the App Store with in-app purchases)

  • This one is a popular period tracker and ovulation predictor for naturally-cycling women, providing period, PMS and fertility window predictions.
  • You can track 30+ metrics associated with your period and menstrual symptoms to understand how your body functions; it is also customisable as to what you track.
  • The Cycle Analysis section provides an overview of your typical cycle, cycle history, and recurrent symptoms.
  • Includes a Content section housing information and articles on a wide range of topics including birth control, fertility, menstruation, sex, and LGBTQIA.
  • This is also a science-backed app that has been developed by a female-led team, with a savvy mission to educate women about their bodies.
  • Integrates with the Health App.
  • Clue Plus paid option gives you personalized information, and access to the Ask a Scientist section for exclusive content from the in-house scientists (the paid option also supports them in their mission).

Pros: Simple and easy to use app for tracking your menstrual cycle and a large number of symptoms. I really like that it educates you on your body at the same time. There’s the ability to set up custom notifications for particular events in your cycle (i.e. ovulation). Best of all, it doesn’t use your data for ads!

Cons: Not for the athletes or active women who want information relating to their training, nutrition and recovery. There’s no personalization unless you opt for the paid Clue Plus (which does support their mission).

4. Flo (free on Google Play and the App Store with in-app purchases)

  • This one is a popular period tracker and pregnancy app, with 35 million monthly users.
  • It’s goal-oriented, and you complete a short survey at the beginning according to your interest: cycle tracking, get pregnant, track pregnancy. This then customizes the information provided to you in the Health Insights and Health Assistant sections of the app (like a personalised feed).
  • Allows you to track your menstrual cycle and symptoms, as well as a range of metrics including sleep, mood, stress, sexual activity, and a notes section for personalization.
  • Customisable option to include fertility and pregnancy tracking metrics (including basal temperature, pregnancy tests, ovulation, contraceptives, and activity levels).
  • The Health Insights section acts like a personalized feed with content and articles tailored to you, and the goal you set at the beginning (i.e. Female Health).
  • There is a handy Graphs and Reports function for displaying your cycle length, period length and intensity, and various cycle events.
  • Interestingly, there’s also an option to create a report for a doctor including the pertinent information according to your cycle and goal.
  • It’s a science-backed app with input from medical personnel.
  • The in-app purchases unlock personalized content and additional features.

Pros: There are expanded features to the traditional apps, for those looking for an app to assist with falling pregnant, as well as supporting information and advice during your pregnancy. Simple and easy  to use functions for tracking your cycle data and period symptoms. 

Cons: Many useful features are locked behind a subscription paywall. Not tailored to active women looking for training optimization and recovery information.

5. Eve (free on Google Play and the App Store with in-app purchases)

  • A period tracker, ovulation predictor and sex app (this is one of four apps for tracking periods and parenting by Glow).
  • One of the free aspects is the Health Log which tracks period info in a basic manner, along with your emotions, sexual activity, and menstrual symptoms.
  • It also provides a Cycle Analysis which breaks down the phases into number of days and predicted dates of occurrence.
  • The Community section is where you can join groups, select your topics of interest, post to discussions and ask questions, interacting with other users in the community. 

Pros: Easy to track basic symptoms and menstrual info with a calendar overview.

Cons: It feels like a social media app. The layout was busy and I felt overwhelmed navigating through the many sections and pop-ups! Anything useful (the majority of the features) in terms of tracking and analysis is locked behind a paywall for the Premium version upgrade.

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