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Empowering, inspiring and supporting you to reach your highest potential

We’re living in an “always on” culture that glorifies busy-ness. The perpetual pressure to achieve more and succeed is all around us, whether it be as businesswomen, athletes, or mums – or all three!

However, many women are struggling to juggle all of these responsibilities, and it is affecting our health and wellbeing, and ability to find personal satisfaction in our life roles.

I’m Dr Kellie Rose.

I teach women to thrive in a high performance life – without sacrificing their health! I’m bringing you the science and principles from elite sport to enable you to achieve high performance in your own life. I am here to empower you with science-backed, practical strategies to nurture your drive to succeed and prevent the manifestations of health and performance challenges associated with busy lifestyles, so that you can perform at your best, every day.

My vision is to create a future where every woman is empowered with the knowledge and skills to achieve their personal greatness.

I have spent the majority of my 15-year career supporting and optimising elite athletes’ health and wellbeing to succeed at the highest levels of sport. As a performance-support practitioner and manager, I learnt firsthand that success doesn’t happen by accident; it takes a team, a plan and personalised support to achieve audacious goals. I was invested in their personal wellbeing, as I believed that if you look after the person first, the athlete will succeed. I now believe this holds true for business and life.

My exposure at the highest levels of international sport, combined with my personal experience and insight into life as a competitive amateur triathlete, made me realise that it was the every-day athletes like me who were juggling careers, families, social lives and sporting commitments, that really needed expert support and guidance to maintain their health and perform at their best. 

Look, I get it. My personal experience as a competitive triathlete, racing nationally whilst completing my doctorate full-time and building my career in high-performance sport was absolutely hectic. I struggled for many years to balance these competing demands whilst trying to maintain my health, particularly when my career ambition took me overseas and away from familiar routines, family, and social support. The stress of such a high-pressure life over many years took its toll in various shapes and forms at different moments, and I’m ashamed to say, I became a victim of amenorrhea, adrenal fatigue, chronic stress and a spectacular burnout as a result. Yes, I absolutely should have known better. But I didn’t practice what I preached: I wasn’t looking after my person in order to succeed as an athlete or professional woman. And let me tell you, the road back from such a severe and messy crash-and-burn was very long and very difficult, ultimately requiring a complete 180° change in my lifestyle and operating habits.

This is exactly why I am passionate about promoting optimal health and wellbeing as the foundation for women to succeed in their own life endeavours. 

Because I do not wish for any woman to experience what I went through. So I am here to wholeheartedly support you – the female leaders, athletes, professionals and mums – with holistic guidance and support on your path to self-connection, optimal health and wellbeing, and the unleashing of your potential to achieve your own personal greatness.

So come and join me, and shine your light into the world!

The Professional Details

I decided to pursue sport science as a career at the age of 15. Determined to make my dream a reality, I obtained a Bachelor degree in Human Movement Studies and a PhD in Exercise Science from The University of Queensland.

I went on to develop my professional knowledge and skills first in Australia at the Queensland Academy of Sport, supporting many of the most successful Olympic, World and Commonwealth champions and world record holders in swimming, diving, and rowing, to multiple medals at the 2008 and 2012 Olympic Games. Following London 2012 Olympics, I moved to the Swiss Federal Institute of Sport to establish and manage a satellite high performance centre, and lead the performance support program for Swiss Swimming through the 2016 Olympic cycle. 

I then shifted career direction in search of new ways to contribute with broader impact. As the stars aligned, I joined a digital health start-up company with a mission to enable people to live a healthier, happier life free of chronic disease. Armed with a raft of new skills and a passion for business, I moved back to Australia in 2018 and established my own performance consultancy, working with individual athletes, sports organizations, and not-for-profits globally.

As a culmination of my career in performance-support roles cross-culturally, and my own personal experiences as a professional woman in these environments, I became a strong advocate for gender equality and the performance of women in sport and leadership. The empowerment of women to succeed in sport, business and life became my true passion and infused my business with renewed purpose and focus. 

And here we are! I am living my purpose – and dream! – each and every day, empowering women to perform at their best in sport, business and life, through optimal health and wellbeing. And so I have found my groove.

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