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To optimise, inspire, educate and problem-solve – this is what I am passionate about achieving every day

…and I believe these skills align with my natural talents!

As a sport scientist, I most enjoy working with coaches and athletes on an individualized approach to performance, and tailoring sport science services according to their specific needs and philosophies. I believe in a holistic approach to athlete development, with a focus on creating and implementing novel yet practical methods that develop the athletes’ full potential, whilst still achieving their performance goals.

My strengths are in sport science practice across a range of endurance sports–particularly swimming–and in developing and coordinating sport science and medicine systems. I really enjoy the opportunity to be ‘on-deck’ working together with sports programs, coaches and athletes, “getting our hands dirty” enhancing the training and performance processes. My passions lie in optimisation – of systems, processes, performance programs and everything else involved in achieving success in the complex world of elite sport. I also enjoy developing resources, sharing knowledge and promoting the growth and learning of everyone I have the privilege of interacting with.

As for me, I am a self-confessed sports addict – my life is sports! I studied it, I work in it and I practise it; distance running, long distance triathlons, and most recently – boxing (and yes, I had my first amateur fight). Sport has always been my passion, and to work as a practitioner in elite sport was my dream…so at a young age, I set my mind to making my dream a reality. And here we are…

If you would like to work together and make your dreams a reality, please get in touch – it would be a pleasure to work with you!