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My goal is to bring science to practice, and make sport science expertise more accessible to coaches. I believe in providing useful and applicable tools, knowledge and solutions that can be implemented by coaches across all levels of sport.

I am a self-confessed sports addict; my life is sports. I studied it, I work in it and I do it; distance running, long distance triathlons and most recently, boxing (and yes, I had my first amateur fight). Sport has always been my passion, and at 15 years old, I declared I was going to be a sport scientist. So I set off down this path and in 2005 I graduated from The University of Queensland with a bachelor degree in Human Movement Studies (Exercise Science), and a Doctor of Philosophy in applied physiology in 2011.

During and after my studies I worked for the Queensland Academy of Sport (QAS) as a sport scientist with swimming, cycling, triathlon, rowing and diving, learning all that I could from internationally renowned coaches, scientists and sports professionals (and gathering some fantastic mentors along the way!). I also had the privilege of working with some of Australia’s, and the world’s, greatest athletes through the Beijing and London Olympic cycles. Then  like most Aussies I got the urge to travel, so I moved to Switzerland and took the role of Sport Science Manager/Sport Scientist (Swimming) with the Swiss Federal Office of Sport, where I remained until 2015. This was a fantastic opportunity for me to learn the administrative skills for developing and operating sport systems, whilst also having the rare opportunity of working with international swimming coach Guennadi Touretski.

DrKellieRose Performance Science is on a mission to improve the training and performance of elite and amateur athletes, by working with individuals, coaches and organisations in developing and sharing knowledge and resources. My blog page is also a space in which I will share some of my experiences in high performance sport and the lessons I’ve learned so far on my journey as a sport scientist. Follow me and join our community!