Who I Am

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Inspiring, empowering, and coaching you to reach your full potential

I am passionate about optimizing the health of athletes to improve their enjoyment of their sport and promote performance longevity. My specific interest is working with endurance athletes – especially triathletes – who have the potential to perform, but are hindered by injury, burnout or lifestyle imbalances that strips away their motivation and cripples their ability to perform. Using a holistic approach to athlete health and development and applying it in a personalized manner, I help athletes solve their challenges, by equipping them with the skills and strategies to get their training back on track, and start achieving their performance goals over the long-term.

I also enjoy working with clubs and sporting organizations who share my ambition of creating environments that promote athlete health and performance sustainability.

Whether it is working directly with athletes or collaborating with organizations, my intention is the same – to maximize performance potential, using the evidence-based theory and practice from elite sport and the principles of epigenetics for optimal health and well-being.

Professional Bio

My fascination with the world of elite sport was sparked in my early childhood, so my decision to pursue it as a career at the age of 15 was of absolutely no surprise to anyone! Determined to make my dream a reality, I obtained a degree in Human Movement Studies and a PhD in applied sport science from The University of Queensland.

I had the privilege of developing my performance knowledge and skills first in Australia, at the Queensland Academy of Sport, where I supported many of the most successful Olympic, World and Commonwealth champions from swimming, diving, and rowing to multiple medals during the 2008 and 2012 Olympic cycles. I then moved to the Swiss Federal Institute of Sport where I played an integral role in establishing a sport science and medicine department; as well as leading the performance support for Swiss Swimming through the 2016 Olympic cycle. I now run DrKellieRose Performance Science with the intention of providing bespoke performance support and leadership services to athletes and organizations around the world.