About Me

We’ve shifted into an “always on” culture that perpetuates busy-ness. The constant pressure to remain connected, achieve more with less, and perform at the highest levels day in day out, is permeating all aspects of our lives.

Many professional women are struggling to successfully juggle their work demands with their personal lives, and it is affecting short and long-term health, wellbeing, and the ability to find satisfaction and fulfillment across all of our life roles.

I’m Dr Kellie Rose.

I help executive women move from a state of surviving to thriving, to achieve enhanced performance in business and life using sustainable health strategies. My goal is to equip you with science-backed, practical strategies to support your quest for success, and prevent the unwanted health consequences of a busy lifestyle so that you feel accomplished and in control of your health – and your life – every day.

I am bringing my diverse knowledge, experience and skillsets from over a decade of working with the world’s best sports performers, to the world of business, to help professional women achieve their highest levels of performance and thrive long-term. By applying the same principles of health, recovery and wellbeing  through personalised Executive Health Programs, you will have the tools to manage your high-stress, high-workload career and excel.

Having spent the majority of my professional career supporting athletes across multiple sports to medal-winning and record-breaking performances at benchmark events such as the Olympic and Commonwealth Games, and World, European and Pan Pacific Championships, I developed a passion for enabling high performers to create sustainable success. This led to further leadership roles with a UK-based social enterprise to develop high-performance sport in underserved communities in sub-Saharan Africa; and with a Swiss digital health & AI start-up company focused on preventing chronic disease through lifestyle and behaviour change.

My mission to support professional women to achieve enhanced health and wellbeing stems from the struggle I faced for many years to balance the competing demands of career and sport whilst trying to maintain my health. The stress of such a high-pressure life over many years took its toll, and I experienced amenorrhea, adrenal fatigue, chronic stress and a spectacular burnout as a result. The road back from such a severe illness was very long and difficult, requiring a 180° change in my lifestyle and daily habits.

And this is exactly why I am passionate about promoting health and wellbeing as the foundation for professional women to build and achieve long-term career and personal success. 

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