Who I Am


Inspiring, empowering, and supporting you to reach your highest potential

I am passionate about optimizing the health and performance of athletes – whether that’s individual female athletes, or women’s teams in sports clubs, institutes and organisations.

I love working with women who know they have the potential to perform, but are hindered by a loss of motivation, a lack of energy, personal blockers, or high levels of stress and fatigue from busy lifestyles. Using a holistic approach to health and applying it in a personalized manner, I help women solve their challenges by equipping them with the tools to realign them with their performance goals, through personalised coaching, real science, and practical strategies.

When I’m not coaching athletes individually, I am applying the same principles of optimising athlete health and well-being to achieve performance success and sustainability with sports clubs and organisations. I particularly enjoy the opportunity to work with organisations to create performance support systems that are relevant, sustainable and unique to the organisation’s culture; cultivating an environment that values and nurtures the people working and performing within it.

Professional Bio

My fascination with the world of elite sport began in my early childhood, so my decision to pursue it as a career at the age of 15 was of absolutely no surprise to anyone! Determined to make my dream a reality, I obtained a degree in Human Movement Studies and a doctorate in applied sport science from The University of Queensland.

I spent the first part of my career developing my performance knowledge and skills in Australia, at the Queensland Academy of Sport, where I supported many of the most successful Olympic, World and Commonwealth champions from swimming, diving, and rowing to multiple medals during the 2008 and 2012 Olympic cycles. At this point, I was seeking a new challenge and a way to diversify my skills, so I moved to Switzerland to work with the Swiss Federal Institute of Sport, where I played an integral role in establishing a sport science and medicine department for a satellite performance centre. In this role I had the opportunity to develop and lead the performance support system and practitioner team for Swiss Swimming through the 2016 Olympic cycle.

I now run DrKellieRose Performance Science with the intention of providing bespoke performance support and leadership services to athletes and organizations around the world.

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