I’ve been pondering the concept of self-love – or self-care – for a while now, specifically how it relates to our lives as career-driven, ambitious, successful women and triathletes. And how–if I want to maintain my health, stay successful, and live a fulfilled personal life whilst pursuing triathlon–this becomes more of a daily necessity, rather than an infrequent afterthought when I find myself halfway down the slope towards stress and fatigue. 

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Getting Back On The Bike

Happy new year ladies! Welcome to 2019…although we are already half-way through January now and February is staring us in the face! Regardless, I hope your year is off to a cracking start, and you were able to take some time out over the holiday period to reflect on and review your 2018, and set up 2019 to be even better.

The start of a new year always signals a fresh start, doesn’t it? A whole big shiny blank canvas in front of us ready to be filled with stuff – work, family, life commitments, holidays, and of course for all of us, new race goals! I’m guessing that a fair chunk of that shiny white canvas is already blanked out with hundreds of training sessions, paving the way to the finish line of your race goals. So, tell me, what’s in store for you this year? What goal did you set for 2019?

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I know, your inbox and social media is full of emails and posts about goal-setting and how to “plan your best 2019 ever!” right? Well, in this article I am going to be talking about 2019, but I’m actually going to be focusing on 2018. Why, you may be asking, when 2018 is essentially done and dusted? For one great reason – you achieve a hell of a lot in a year and I’m guessing that the majority of us don’t stop to acknowledge that! We just power right on through into the next year, scribbling down all our grandiose goals on New Year’s Day, without actually stopping to consider what actually went down this past year. Take a moment. What did you actually accomplish this year? What were the good bits, the hard bits, and the lessons you learned from both? What’s worth keeping and bringing into the new year, instead of throwing the baby out with the bathwater and starting all over again?

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I did promise you a follow-up to last weeks’ article, More is Not Better, in which I shared with you the experience of my life grinding to a halt within a mere few days, how I managed to salvage my work and health, and my subsequent epiphany about my current MO – and the realization that it was beyond time for a new one! Well, here it is. I will show you what I did to change my life so that I actually ENJOY each day, whilst still being productive and achieving my goals. Sounds like a win-win doesn’t it? It is. Here’s why.

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I used to think very differently to this – ask any of my training partners, coaches, or even work colleagues and bosses for that matter. More ruled my life for longer than I care to admit, and it’s gotten me into a pickle way more often than I’ll likely ever admit!

But thanks to my experience last week–and the never-ending patience of my personal development coach–I finally see the error of my ways. Let me unpack this for you, and perhaps it might help you out of the same pickle – if you’re also of the More is Better school of thought.

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Well here we are, at the beginning of another triathlon season. No doubt you’ve spent the winter months plotting and planning your races for the 2018/2019 season, and I’m sure that you’ve also thrown a few big ones in there for good measure – just to really challenge yourself. The next step was likely signing up to a training squad or signing on for a new program with your coach; after all, you need the plan to get there, right? So, you’re on track – races entered, coach onboard and squad to train with, awesome!

Now let me ask you this – how many of you thought about additional support strategies to help you achieve your goals this season? Perhaps one that sprang to mind is recovery; what the best strategies are, how to utilise them daily and weekly to remain healthy, energized and primed for each day’s training, how to get the most from each session. Yes? I thought so.

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I’m just going to come right out and say it early – I myself am terrible at setting realistic expectations. I have been most of my adult life, come to that, but I live in the hope of reform.

I should be better, I know. I’ve had plenty of opportunities to learn about setting expectations, between two uni degrees, over a decade-long professional career, and years of racing triathlon. Yet despite the many, many disappointments I have experienced in each of these areas, I never fail to keep setting the bar too high for myself, and continuously setting myself up for failure. Ironically, it’s kind of become…an expectation.

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Yesterday I had the privilege of watching the WTS Triathlon World Championships on the Gold Coast. And what an experience that was! As with any World Championships, the home crowd was out in force, the cheering and shouts of encouragement were at fever pitch, and the atmosphere was just electric!

And that was for the age group race!

I’m not kidding. The feeling of excitement that permeated the air was awesome, and it was such an experience to be able to personally support clients, team mates, friends, and every other Aussie out there on course – it didn’t matter that you’d never met Dianne before, she was out there in the Aussie kit giving it her all for herself and her country! It united us in that moment, and we both felt pride at the connection – supporter and supported. And it was the same everywhere you looked – kiwis shouting for random kiwis, Brits supporting random Brits, cheers, yells, waves and high fives flying around. Amazing!

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I think it’s safe to say that the majority of us have experienced the struggle for motivation to varying degrees at some point in our triathlon careers. The more I speak with my friends, training buddies and fellow triathletes, the more prevalent I realise this issue is. And it’s not surprising really, when you consider the commitment it takes to not only train for 3 sports, but achieve a certain level of competency in each to be able to string them all together and actually compete in a race! Yep, it’s a demanding sport alright, no matter what level you’re competing at.

For most, this challenge is one of the most appealing factors at the beginning. The thought of mastering such a tough beast is an irresistible challenge, the dream of one day conquering it fueling your enthusiasm. And – truth – it makes you feel a little bit special when people look at you with such adoring admiration when they find out you’re a triathlete! Wow. This alone makes the effort worthwhile, right?

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With the start of the new year came some new goals…fresh for 2018!

This year, I will be creating and sharing more content with the triathlon and endurance sport community (and the sports community at large!), to help athletes to get the most out of their training sessions, optimise their recovery and supportive strategies, overcome the challenges of training and daily life, to ultimately maximise their performance on race day!

To kick things off, I have developed a FREE webinar that outlines the 3 most common mistakes triathletes make in training that decrease race day performance, delving into the science behind why these behaviours are so detrimental, and ways to eliminate them using some simple practical strategies, so you can get back on track and start maximising your performance today.

If you are an athlete stuck in the repetitive cycle of poor performance, training hard but not seeing any results, sick and tired of bombing at each race, then this webinar is definitely for you!


And don’t forget to keep your eyes peeled for more content coming soon!

This question may seem a bit out of the ordinary to some people, since our days are increasingly filled with productivity hacks to get the most out of our working hours and achieve all the tasks assigned to us and more. We have things to accomplish, right? A clear workload and jobs laid out that are our responsibility to get done. So we work hard, following the processes, and after hours of hard labour and focused attention–voilà!–task complete! Usually this is followed by a self-congratulatory back slap, feather ruffle, and a great sense of pride and accomplishment.

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This is a shout out to all endurance athletes!

I kindly ask for your help in providing me with some insights into the sport science services that would be most valuable to you to optimally support your training and racing – whether you’re at the pro level or an everyday athlete out there to beat some PBs. What would help you to make this happen? Read More

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For the non-triathletes of the world, next Saturday 14 October 2017, the world’s fittest, strongest, toughest and most dedicated athletes will converge on the Big Island of Hawaii, swimming, biking and running their way through the lava fields of Kona. Pro athletes, age groupers, young and old – the mother of all triathlon races welcomes all who are brave enough to try and conquer her! (And of course, who have put in the hard yards of training for months–even years!–just to qualify and have the pleasure of pushing themselves to their limits, in the hopes of overcoming this epic challenge.

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A week later, and I am still living with the euphoric feeling of achieving a great accomplishment; in this case, my solo 6-day training camp that I completed last week. To others it may not seem like much–and to be honest I would have laughed at myself a few years ago at such an “easy” challenge–but right now this was a really special achievement, and I must say I am extremely proud of myself for accomplishing it! There can be no better feeling in the world than setting yourself a goal and then achieving it, and exceeding your own expectations in the process. Read More

As promised, my blog series on How To Support A Champion continues, with Part 2 bringing you the interview with the books’ author Dr Steve Ingham. Read More