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Well here it is! My first eBook. I guess that makes me an author, as well as a scientist…but please, don’t let that put you off from reading it! Read More

If you are a sport scientist, applied practitioner, sports medicine professional, coach, athlete or any other human interested in sports and capable of using Twitter and LinkedIn, you would have been hard pressed to miss the hype surrounding the recent release of Dr Steve Ingham’s new (and first) book, “How To Support A Champion: The Art Of Applying Science To The Elite Athlete”. And for good reason. Read More

Isn’t it funny, how sometimes the greatest ideas stem from what are seemingly innocuous conversations at the time? This happened to myself and my coaching colleague this time last year, when a conversation on pool deck with Guennadi Touretski, led to a discussion around the idea of race modelling. The surprising thing about race modelling is, although we know it’s an incredibly important aspect for competition and training, there is no commercially available program to do this. Crazy, right? That’s what we thought. Read More