How I Can Help

Performance support customised to your needs, for the greatest performance impact

I believe that environments empower people, cultivate talent, and breed success. I’m passionate about creating performance environments for both athletes and organizations that focus on optimizing athlete health and well-being, and promote performance sustainability, through the ongoing development of support systems, people and culture.

To prevent the long-term injury and poor health that frequently results from competing in elite sport, my mission is to prioritize and protect athletes’ health throughout their career and in so doing, promote performance longevity. This can be targeted at individuals through personalized performance support coaching; and at organisations, through the development of high performance departments and support teams that are focused on optimising athlete health and well-being.

To find the right solution for your situation, explore the options available for individualized performance support coaching, consulting, and speaking engagements.


Leverage the benefits of elite-level performance support to supercharge your next big race! Using a holistic approach to performance we’ll optimize your physical health, mindset, and personal well-being to set you up for success, now and for the future.

Clubs & Organisations

Work in partnership with me to create a performance environment for your club or organisation that enables the sustainable success of your athletes and teams, through the development of performance support systems that are customised, relevant and unique to your organisation.