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Personalised scientific support and innovative strategies customised to your needs, for the greatest performance impact

As a performance scientist, my focus is on developing and delivering cutting-edge scientific services that support aspiring athletes to achieve their highest goals. My specialty is working with injured and burnt out triathletes, who know they have the potential to perform better, but feel like giving up. With a holistic approach to performance, I cover all the bases – mindset, health protection, training optimization and performance maximization.

Whether it’s by creating personalized strategies designed to fit an individual’s lifestyle to solve their specific challenges, or by developing bespoke sustainable support systems for sports organizations, the focus remains the same – maximizing athletic performance and optimizing health and well-being.

The services I offer through DrKellieRose Performance Science cater for individual athletes, clubs and sports organizations including individualized performance science coaching, online performance packages, strategic development services and corporate speaking.

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