Dream big. Challenge yourself. Accomplish goals with your performance coach.

Are you an athlete struggling to reach your performance goals? Do you desire to be fit, fast, injury-free and optimally prepared for race day? Or are you starting out on your fitness journey, striving to achieve personal goals and crossing that finish line?

With so much hype surrounding the latest trends in sport and fitness, we are constantly bombarded with pseudo-science and quick-fixes, overloaded with data and numbers from hundreds of devices that we can’t make sense of to effectively inform practise. Which is a shame, because applied in the right way with insightful interpretation, data can be a very useful ally in the quest for optimal performance. It can also aid our recovery, help us avoid injuries, and keep our health on track.

If you are a dedicated athlete, stuck in the numbers searching for that limiting factor that is keeping you from your true potential…Or you are a beginner tackling your first event…Or you are an athlete at the top of your game ready to break through performance barriers…leverage the enormous benefits of proven science to optimise your training and achieve ultimate performance success.

As your sports performance coach, I’ll be there with you in the training process to guide,  monitor, implement strategies, solve challenges and optimally prepare you for race day – using proven science. I’ll bring my extensive knowledge and expertise honed from years of work with Olympic athletes, and apply them to your training program to optimise your preparation so that on race day, you’re geared for your best performance. The benefits? Using specific strategies that address your needs and support your training and lifestyle to accomplish your goals. Coaching means I am invested in this process with you!

Choose from the 3 performance support options:

Breakthrough Package:

Are you facing a challenge that you can’t solve? Need some help to break through and get your training back on track? Engage in a series of 5 individual consultations* personalised in design, delivery and implementation to eliminate that limiting factor.

*The number of sessions can be adapted specifically to your needs.

Annual Program

Are you an athlete that trains and competes all year round? Avidly tackling multiple sports or multiple events? Then rest easy knowing that you have a year’s worth of monthly consultations to keep you in top form, on track training and racing as much as your heart desires. This approach is versatile, flexible, and highly personalised and is perfect for everyday-athletes, elites, pros and amateurs alike.

Monthly coaching clients benefit from any or all of the following services, which are customisable according to your needs:

  • Continual program planning, optimisation and review
  • Goal-setting and season planning
  • Training monitoring and feedback
  • Functional performance testing
  • Swim technique improvement (with SwimAnalyzer 1.0)
  • Recovery strategies and health optimisation
  • Problem-solving issues and challenges
  • In-person or online service delivery
  • Email support (outside consults)

Event Package

Just signed up for a race and feel a little overwhelmed at the challenge ahead? Would you like the support of the latest scientific strategies on your journey to the start line? With the event package, you can sign-up for the duration of your training program (customisable from 8-26 weeks) and receive all the benefits of the Annual Program, tailored to you and your specific event. With monthly consultations, race-day preparation plans and on-going training monitoring, I’ll be with you from sign-up to the start line. Are you ready to crush your next goal?

Event Package clients benefit from the following services*:

  • Program overview and direction
  • Monthly consultations for interventions, problem-solving, and check-ins
  • Race day preparation planning to nail down logistics (taper, performance strategy, optimal physical preparation and recovery)
  • Ongoing training monitoring, evaluation and feedback
  • Functional performance testing
  • Recovery strategies and health optimisation
  • In-person or online service delivery
  • Email support (outside of consults)

*Event packages are adaptable and fully customisable depending on your requirements.

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