I’m on a mission to help you move from surviving to thriving to achieve your potential in sport, business and life (without sacrificing your health). I’m passionate about equipping you with science-backed, practical strategies to better understand and leverage your unique physiology, unlock its power and enhance your health and wellbeing to perform at your best, while avoiding the negative hormonal and stress-related consequences.

I’m a sports physiologist and women’s performance coach, captivated by the intersection of optimal health, peak performance and personal success. I want to help you achieve your potential as a whole-hearted, high-performing woman in the world.

This is for the women…who want to do it all. The career, the sport, the life. You love training for ambitious sporting goals to satisfy your desire to achieve, whilst striving to progress your career, take care of a husband, a dog, a semblance of a social life, and maintain balance. You’re pushing the limits of what’s possible, but despite all your efforts, you just can’t seem to hit the mark consistently in any area of your life. To top it off, this boundary-pushing is spiralling into various health issues, menstrual disturbances and the slow slide towards burnout. It’s time to take back control of your health and achieve your optimal performance. It’s time to release that pent-up potential and let rip on your goals. Personalised, high-impact strategies to keep you performing at your best in sport and business for the long haul…for alllll the things you love in life!

This is for the women…who are high-performing executives wanting to achieve it all. You’re on the corporate ladder and climbing high, but sometimes the demanding, high stress, high workload just pulls a gal down. You need to be in optimal physical and mental health to step up in the boardroom and lead that exec retreat, with energy to spare for your Sunday social. To play the long game you know your health has to be on point, but right now it seems like your body is changing at the pace of the quarterly reports…You’re doing your best to live a healthy lifestyle and stay active, but honestly, you don’t have much time to spare across the board. And even if you did, where would you begin? It’s time to start leveraging your unique feminine strengths to optimise your health and succeed. You want to kick corporate butt and live a healthy life. Personalized, discrete, and high-impact support that will keep you firing in the boardroom and beyond. Holistic and integrated lifestyle support strategies to manage allll the moving parts is key to your success. Oh, and did we say efficiency?

This is for the women…who-want-to-do-it-all-and-then-some, trying to juggle all the things of a hectic suburban lifestyle – family, kids, a corporate husband, work, two dogs, a cat and three goldfish. All at once. Mum-life is giving your old corporate life a run for its money, and some days you’re not sure which is less stressful! Life demands you to be on your game, all day every day, and despite your best attempts at healthy chef-ing, staying active and following healthy habits, you just never manage to fire on all cylinders. You’ve ticked many boxes on the burnout checklist, and are starting to experience the joys of hormonal fluctuations and change. Now is the time to restore your depleted energy levels, and reinvigorate your health and wellbeing! You don’t have much spare time, so real information with straight-up, easy-to-implement strategies to boost your health and get you performing at your best is what you want most. Aside from a G&T at 3pm.

If you’re ready to kick these habits and transform your health and performance, join me for my 6-month Signature Coaching Program, where you will benefit from personalized, holistic support and guidance by working closely with me – Dr Kellie Rose.

In this program, you will receive: 

2x consults per monthCustomised, 1-on-1 coaching and support with Dr Kellie for program delivery and follow-up.
2x check-ins per monthRoutine check-ins with Dr Kellie to trouble-shoot challenges, stay focused and committed and progress towards your goals.
1x initial Insight SessionA foundational meeting to deep dive into the four areas of Work, Sport, Health and Life and the challenges you’re facing in each, what your desired outcomes are, and how you want to get there.
Customised intervention A detailed road map to achieving your big transformational goals with the support of Dr Kellie and her holistic and scientific approach.
Health monitoringTrack, log and monitor your health, wellbeing and performance with Dr Kellie’s oversight to enhance and optimise using personalised strategies.
Personalised resourcesA portfolio of personalised resources, guides and monitoring tools tailored to your needs to implement daily and keep you on track towards your ultimate desired self – and life!
Network of specialised servicesAccess additional services and experts from Dr Kellie’s network of allied health professionals to support you in performing at your best.
Personal, holistic guidance and supportDr Kellie will be there to coach, nudge and empower you every step of the way!
Get in touch with Dr Kellie to discuss your personal coaching plan!

The individualized, holistic guidance and support from Dr Kellie in the Signature Coaching Program will transform your health and wellbeing, and empower you to reach your full potential as a high-performing woman functioning at your best – across sport, business and life. 

At the end of the Signature Coaching Program, you will:

  • Have crafted your very own performance lifestyle that creates space for your most important priorities, keeping the stress and overwhelm at bay.
  • Know how to leverage your hormones and unique physiology as a superpower to maximise your physical and mental performance in sport, business and life.
  • Be equipped to prevent and eliminate the negative health consequences that come with pushing the boundaries of performance, and maintain optimal health over the long-term.
  • Be empowered to unleash your untapped potential and thrive in sport, business and life.
  • Be inspired to achieve your personal greatness in the world!

Would you like to hear how the Performance Coaching Program has already helped ladies achieve their big performance goals?

*Every coaching package is designed to provide you the best support possible for your transformation journey. However, if you decide this program is not providing value, you may terminate the contract at any time without incurring cancellation fees.

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