Dream big. Challenge yourself. Accomplish goals with your sports performance coach.

Are you a triathlete struggling to reach your performance goals? Do you desire to be fit, fast and optimally prepared for race day, but instead are continually hampered by injury? Do you feel burnt out, unmotivated and ready to give up?

Then what you need is a performance science coach!

If you are serious about overcoming the challenges that are blocking you from achieving your highest potential, then working with me in the Performance Pro Coaching Program is exactly the solution you need.

Performance Pro Coaching Program

In this program, I will work with you personally as your performance science coach, to address your challenges relating to injury, illness, burnout and a lack of mojo, that are choking your potential and limiting your performance. Using an integrated, holistic approach we will enhance your mindset, rebuild your health, eliminate injuries and optimize your training, so that you’re geared for your best performances now and every race day in future.

By working together 1-on-1 over the course of a year, you will benefit from receiving evidence-based science and practical strategies that address your challenges, are suited to your lifestyle, that enable you to accomplish your biggest goals, whilst maintaining  an optimal level of health. Coaching means I am invested in this process with you!

This program is perfect for the athletes stuck in the cycle of poor performance continually hampered by challenges, or those at the top of their game and unable to break through to the next level of performance. Leverage the enormous benefits of proven science to optimize your training, maximise your racing and achieve a balanced lifestyle promoting health and well-being.

The value you will get from working together includes:

  • 1-on-1 coaching from a sport science expert with 10+ years of experience in high performance sport
  • An initial Athlete Insights session to delve into your biggest challenge, identify your major goal,  and get clear on your desired outcome
  • Monthly consultations
  • Email contact outside of coaching sessions
  • Flexibility and versatility in structure, content and service delivery
  • World-class support to unlock your highest performance potential

Price: $259/month

Are you ready to break through your performance barriers? Then book now for a free initial consult!