Coaching the human behind the athlete

If you’re feeling burnt out, completely unmotivated, struggling to manage your family and training commitments, tired of the niggling injuries, and sick of doubting whether you’ll ever be fit again, you’re probably thinking it’s easier to just give up on the sport and on the big race goals you still have…and still dream of achieving, one day.

The truth? You’re not alone in experiencing this. The great news? There is a solution!

Learn how to take back control of your health, reconnect with your goals, reinvigorate your health, and get back on track towards your next big race!

How? With the guidance and expertise of a performance support coach. Whether you’re looking for individualised and personalised support, or an online group-coaching community, then we’ve got you covered.

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Enduro Pro Athlete Online Program


This program is designed to complement your existing triathlon training program, by equipping you with practical strategies and skills to solve performance challenges, providing expert guidance and advice, and community support, to boost your performance and accelerate you towards achieving your goals.

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Performance Pro Coaching Program

If it’s time to break down the barriers that are stopping you from achieving your triathlon goals, then working together with me in the Performance Pro Coaching Program is exactly the solution you need!

By working together 1-on-1, you will benefit from receiving customised practical strategies – steeped in the latest evidence-based research – that are designed specifically to address the challenges you’re facing, that are tailored to your lifestyle, and that will enable you to accomplish your ultimate goals whilst maintaining  an optimal level of health. Coaching means I am invested in this process with you, from sign-up to the start line!

This program works alongside your triathlon training program, by providing the individualised performance support that is often missing when training in large coaching squads. Now you can leverage the enormous benefits of sport science to enhance your training, optimise your performance, and protect your health, while living a balanced life.

Price: $259/month

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