What I enjoy most about being a sport scientist is the ability to work with you as an athlete using a personalised approach to achieve your specific goals – whether that is successfully completing your first race or breaking through performance barriers. I believe in a holistic approach to enhancing performance, and customising services to your needs. Would you like extra support to successfully complete your first event? Are you searching for that weak spot that is keeping you from achieving your best performance? Or are you an athlete at the top end looking to break through to the next level? Whatever your goal – we’ve got it covered!

We can design a program for you from the following services:


Engage in a series of consultations designed to solve a specific challenge you are facing, or to achieve a desired short-term goal. With one-on-one sessions, we can design, deliver and implement the best intervention to address the issue at hand.

Annual Program

Optimal training + optimal racing + optimal recovery = optimal performance.

Rest easy knowing that you have a year’s worth of monthly consultations to keep you in top form, training and racing as you desire. This option is perfect for the everyday-athletes, elite & sub-elite competitors, for athlete development, and for those tackling multiple sports and multiple events (i.e. triathlon, cycling, running, swimming etc) throughout the year. This approach is versatile, flexible, and customizable based on your current needs.

Choose from the available services to design your support program:

  • Program optimisation and review
  • Problem-solving for current issues and challenges
  • Training monitoring and feedback
  • Functional testing for determining training zones
  • Recovery strategies and health maintenance
  • Goal-setting and season planning
  • In-person or online service delivery
  • Email support

Event Packages

Have you just signed up for a race and feel a little overwhelmed at the challenge that lies ahead? With an event package, you can sign-up for the duration of your training program (customisable from 8-26 weeks) and receive all the benefits of the Annual Program designed for your specific event, in a shorter timeframe. With monthly consultations, race-day preparations and training monitoring, we will be with you from sign-up to race day. The support services can be tailored specifically to the event and to your needs, all the while working in with your coach and other practitioners in your support team to ensure you arrive on race day ready to smash your goal!

The package includes:

  • In-person or online service delivery
  • Initial consultation to kick off (30 min)
  • Monthly consultation to implement the plan, problem-solve and keep on track towards the goal (60 min)
  • Race day preparation plan to nail down logistics, monitor taper, and ensure optimal physical preparation and recovery techniques are in place
  • Training monitoring, evaluation and feedback
  • Functional testing for determining training zones
  • Health and well-being monitoring
  • Collaboration with coaches and other practitioners involved in your training and competition preparation
  • Email support

Are you curious to see how you can improve your performance? Contact me  for an obligation-free chat!