Coaching the human behind the athlete

“My goal as your performance support coach is to empower you to achieve your full potential, by taking a holistic approach to optimising your physical health, mindset, and personal well-being.”

Ladies, let’s talk honestly for a moment. Have you ever felt that you have the potential to perform better than what you currently are in your races?

You feel like every training preparation is the same: you have a lack of energy and vitality, or low motivation, or a lack of structure and direction, or simply not enough time to fit everything in. Perhaps you’re confidence in your abilities is a bit low, which hinders your performance. Or – just maybe – you’re struggling to juggle your family, career, life, and training commitments all at once?! If I guess correctly, you’re probably thinking it’s just easier to give up on the sport altogether, and on those big race goals you have, right? The ones you still dream of achieving, one day.

But in all honestly, what you really want is some guidance and support to help you get back on track and actually achieve your big goals! You want someone who understands your situation, who can provide some timely advice–and a sympathetic ear!–and most importantly, has the capacity to help you get to where you want to go. You’re looking for more than what your tri training program is providing you!

Does this sound familiar?

Don’t worry, you’re not alone in experiencing this. The great news is, there is a solution for you!

Performance Pro Coaching Program

“Step off the rollercoaster of inconsistent training and unpredictable performances, and put some sustainable support strategies in place that will set you up for success.”

By working with me 1-on-1 over 3, 6 or 12 months, we have the luxury of taking a personalised approach to maximising your training and performance. Essentially, we’ll straighten everything out so that your road to the start line isn’t littered with insurmountable obstacles! Together we’ll set up a personal performance environment that supports your training, racing and unique lifestyle commitments. We’ll identify the specific challenges you’re facing, and develop practical strategies to address them, using a holistic approach to physical health, mindset and performance. We’ll set you up for success in a way that will enable you to accomplish your biggest goals whilst maintaining your health and vitality – for the long-term!

The Performance Pro Coaching program works alongside your triathlon training program, by providing the personalised performance support that is often missing when training in large triathlon squads, or alone – it provides all those little extras that create a bespoke experience for you, and make your training and performance sustainable. And the beauty of it is, coaching you 1-1 means I am invested in this process with you – from sign-up to the finish line!

The benefits of the Performance Pro Coaching programs include:

  • A synergistic addition to your training program that provides the additional support you need to maximize your physical health and optimise your training to ensure you achieve your dream performance goal
  • 100% customization of services to suit your training program, racing calendar and lifestyle commitments so you can achieve ALL the things – and still perform! 
  • Achieve long-term performance success by avoiding triathlon career-ending burnout, injury and illness, through the integration of health strategies into your daily training routine
  • Free up time, energy and headspace through optimized processes that allow you to recover well, train better, race to your potential and achieve all your goals faster
  • Build your capacity to take on bigger and more challenging goals in future – what are your dreams?

There are 3 Performance Pro Coaching Packages available, depending on your needs and race goals:

3-Month Coaching Package

Includes Initial Insight Session (45 min)

Monthly coaching session

1-1 personalised support & guidance

Sprint/Olympic Distance race preparation or challenge resolution

Additional support (email, calls)

$997 upfront OR $415/month

6-Month Coaching Package

Includes Initial Insight Session (45 min)

Monthly coaching session

1-1 personalised support & guidance

70.3/IM Distance race preparation or challenge resolution

Post-Race Debrief (45 min)

Additional support (email, calls)

$1697 upfront OR $355/month

12-Month Coaching Package

Includes Initial Insight Session (45 min)

Monthly coaching session

1-1 personalised support & guidance

Multiple 70.3/IM Distance race preparations or challenge resolution

Post-Race Debrief (45 min) (for each race)

Additional support (email, calls)

$3550 upfront OR $365/month

The Performance Pro Coaching Program is for you if:

  • you have aspirational race goals you want to achieve;
  • you are training for your first triathlon event;
  • you are stepping up to a longer race distance;
  • you have specific challenges that hinder your training and/or performance that you want to eliminate;
  • you are looking for accountability to keep you on track;
  • you want to set specific performance goals (more than “finish X race”!) and create a strategy to achieve it;
  • you want the support of a performance professional to optimise your preparation and get you primed for peak performance!

If this sounds like you, then get in touch with me to get started!

Would you like to hear how the Performance Pro Coaching program has already helped ladies achieve their big performance goals?

*Every coaching package is designed to provide you the best support possible on your triathlon journey. However, if you decide this program is not for you, you may terminate the contract at any time without incurring cancellation fees.