If you are a national institute, a sports federation, or a club, you know that the support of a strong system can provide the ultimate advantage for your athletes to succeed. Are you looking to optimise your current systems and strategies to enhance operating efficiency? Would you like to establish solid networks of practitioners that support your athletes and staff? Or are you looking for strategic insights to get the edge over your competition? By working together behind the scenes we can build a strong foundation that will enable the sustained success of your organisation.

Areas of support include:

Strategic Development

Through a series of consultations or collaboration on a long-term project, we can solve the challenges you are facing and enhance the functioning of your organisation.

  • Developing and/or coordinating sport science and medicine practitioner networks
  • Performance management services for individual athletes and teams
  • Designing and implementing high performance support systems
  • Optimising existing systems and processes
  • Providing research insights into competition and performance trends
  • Project management
  • Resource development
  • Flexible and customised to your needs
  • In-person or online collaboration options

Speaking Engagements

Sharing knowledge and insights from previous experiences to facilitate learning and help others to succeed is a valuable process for all organisations. Do you have knowledge transfer processes in place?

  • Flexible and customized to your needs
  • Conferences, seminars and presentations
  • Workshops and clinics
  • Coach education and development for sport- and training-science topics

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