Clubs & Organisations

Develop people. Create a culture. Breed success.

If you are a sports club or organization, you know that the right environment can provide the ultimate foundation for your athletes to thrive. My specialty is developing sport science and medicine teams, and performance support systems, for clubs and organisations that are looking to establish, or optimise, their high performance programs.

My ideal clients are those who share the same philosophy and passion for health, well-being and performance, who are looking to develop bespoke systems in line with their unique organisational culture for the greatest impact. Together, we can create an environment that promotes sustainability, and develops your people, systems and culture. 

Performance Consulting

Performance consulting services are flexible and customised to your project, with personal or online collaboration options for short and long-term projects:

  • Development of performance support systems
  • Development and/or leadership of performance practitioner teams and networks
  • R&D projects
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