Breaking down the components of performance, improving the individual parts, and fitting the pieces of the puzzle back together to create a stronger, faster athlete capable of achieving their race goals

Are you a coach who shares this belief? Would you like to incorporate sports science into your program to help solve training and performance challenges? Let’s face it, we are all searching for the competitive edge. Using a holistic approach to athlete development, we can design and integrate a customised sport science plan, based on proven methods, into your existing system to ensure that you are getting the very best out of the program, your athletes and their performance.

Choose the optimal solution for you from the following services:


  • Coach support (incl. planning and data management)
  • Challenge resolution
  • Training science (incl. program monitoring, athlete monitoring, training applications)
  • Performance testing and evaluation
  • Applied research projects on discrete topics (incl. summaries of the latest research and how these methods can be implemented in training and competition)
  • In-person or online delivery

Event Packages

Do you have athletes preparing for endurance events who are undertaking long and arduous training programs? The Event Package is offered to individual athletes, but it can also be customized and integrated into your training plan, to complement the overall preparation and ensure that everyone achieves their goals on race day.

  • In-person or online service delivery
  • Initial consultation (30 min) with the athlete to kick off
  • Monthly consultations (60 min) with the athlete to implement the plan, problem-solve and keep on track towards the goal
  • Race day preparation plan for the athlete to nail down logistics, monitor taper, and ensure optimal physical preparation and recovery techniques are in place
  • Training monitoring, evaluation and feedback (also using your existing training software)
  • Functional testing for determining training zones (optional)
  • Health and well-being monitoring (optional)
  • Collaboration with coaching staff and other practitioners involved in the training and competition preparation
  • Email support

Speaking Engagements

Would you like to upskill your athletes and empower them with knowledge so they can achieve their best? Our education options are the perfect support to any program.

  • Seminars and presentations on a range of sport science topics (e.g. recovery methods, taper, competition preparation, nutrition strategies, performance analysis, using SwimAnalyzer)
  • Workshops and clinics
  • Flexible and customized to your area of interest

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