Nurture talent. Develop people. Breed success. Benefit from cutting-edge science.

Are you a curious coach who is interested in novel approaches to achieving success? Could you benefit from the assistance of sports science strategies and principles to solve your training and performance challenges? Combining my experience working with Olympic athletes and coaches with your sport-specific expertise, we will design and implement a customised performance plan that gives your program that extra support and boosts your athletes’ performance.

Choose the optimal support plan for your needs:

Season Programs

Coaches opting for the Season Program may benefit from any or all of the following services according to your requirements:

  • Program support (incl. systems and data management)
  • Training science (incl. program and athlete monitoring, season planning and goal setting, training applications)
  • Performance testing and evaluation programs
  • Supercharge your swimming (incl. race models, prognostic speeds, and live analysis using SwimAnalyer 1.0)
  • Problem-solving challenges
  • Applied research (do you have questions you’d like answered?)
  • In-person or online delivery

Customised Club Packages

Do you have athletes preparing for endurance events undertaking arduous training programs? Are you looking to provide an extra level of training and performance support to ensure they achieve success – both personally and for your club? The Club Package can be customized to the needs of your program and integrated into your existing training plans, so that your athletes receive optimal support throughout their training journey, to achieve outstanding results on race day.

Club Packages can utilise any or all of the following services, which will be built into an exclusive program bespoke to your club:

  • Flexible program lengths (8 to 26+ weeks)
  • Training sessions on topics of recovery, sleep, understanding and using training data, relevance of testing and monitoring, taper, health maintenance…and more, tailored to your needs
  • Functional performance testing and data analysis & interpretation
  • Athlete monitoring software programs (new or existing systems)
  • Race day preparation planning and information to nail down logistics, monitor taper, and ensure optimal physical preparation and recovery techniques are in place
  • Group or individual consultations for ongoing support and problem-solving
  • Collaboration with coaching staff and other practitioners involved in the training and competition preparation
  • In-person or online service delivery

Speaking Engagements

Are your athletes interested in the details of how their bodies tick? Are you curious to know how to maximise scientific principles to optimise training and performance? Are you and your staff interested to learn about the latest developments in science and tech? Then book a sepaking engagement in the format of your choosing, on the topic of your choice!

Choose from the following speaking engagements, that will be tailored to your needs:

  • Seminars and presentations on a range of performance topics (e.g. recovery methods, taper, competition preparation, performance and data analysis, health optimisation, competition insights and trends, using SwimAnalyzer to supercharge your swimming)
  • Workshops and clinics
  • Flexible and customized to your area of interest

Are you ready to boost your training program and ensure success? Then get in contact for a free chat!