The science to thrive in a high-performance life.

I teach women to thrive in a high performance life – without sacrificing their health! I’m bringing you the science and principles from elite sport to enable you to achieve high performance in your own life. I am here to empower you with science-backed, practical strategies to nurture your drive to succeed and prevent the manifestations of health and performance challenges associated with busy lifestyles, so that you can perform at your best, every day.

This is for the women who want more from life and are not afraid to chase it.

As a busy career woman, you set the bar high for yourself. You have drive, ambition, and goals you’re striving for acheive success and be in control of your future. But if you’re not careful, your drive to succeed can become detrimental as a result of the mindsets, beliefs, habits and lifestyles you live by. Over time, this constant drive starts to manifest as health challenges, like burnout, adrenal fatigue and menstrual dysfunction (to name a few), and eventually your ability to perform will be compromised.

As mums, CEOs of households and co-founders of Marriage Inc., your standards and expectations are equally as high, in order to feel accomplished and autonomous and like you matter! But pushing the limits can take its toll when you don’t have the strategies to support your physical and mental health and wellbeing. You start to deflate like a slow leak in a life raft, and when everyone is clinging on to you for dear life, that ship is bound to sink!

How often are you told that you can’t do it all / have it all / be it all in life, and that you have to give something up – either your career, personal goals, family, or social life – in order to fit the norm of societal expectations? Perhaps you’ve tried to do it all and ended up sacrificing your health in the process. 

Our health starts to break down, our performance stagnates, and we’re on the slow decline to burnout.

Having worked as a performance-support manager to some of the most successful Olympic athletes in the world, I understand that it takes a team to achieve big audacious goals. It takes more than just willpower and determination to reach the level of high performance. All of the elements need to be in alignment for success, and it doesn’t come easy or by mistake – there is a science to the process. Learning the science behind a high performance lifestyle gives you the tools to thrive, so you can achieve what’s most important in life – without the sacrifice. 

So, if the best athletes in the world don’t go it alone, then why should you?

I’m here to give you permission to value yourself, and to say Yes to ambition, success, and achievement. To empower you to feel accomplished and in control of your life, career, and health, now and in future. Because this is not an indulgence, it’s a necessity for high-performing women!

If you want to manage your high-stress, high-workload career and excel…

Or you want to be the lynchpin of your family and thrive…

Then the Signature Coaching Program is for you. 

Up-level to your highest potential.

The Signature Coaching Program is more than just wellbeing. It’s practical and supportive scientific strategies that will teach you how to nourish your body and mind, to reach your potential and live life as your best self. 

This is a 3-month intensive, completely personalized, 1-1 all-access coaching program with me, Dr Kellie Rose. 

All-access to Dr Kellie Rose
6x Fortnightly coaching calls
6x Weekly check-ins
Daily support on-the-go
Completely customised intervention planBased on the 6 pillars of: Performance Lifestyle, Up-levelled You, The Science of Wellbeing, Health & Performance Optimisation, Personalised Solutions, and Transformation Review
Access to monitoring tools Track your health & wellbeing, training, and menstrual cycle for greater insights and personalised support.
Access to additional content and resourcesFree access to any additional webinars, programs, or resources created and run by Dr Kellie Rose for 6 months.
Personalised support and guidance Designed to help you implement lifestyle modifications, habits and behaviour changes to become the new high-performing you.
A 6-month check-inA free check-in 6 months following the Signature Coaching Program to review your progress towards living your dream life and achieving your goals.

At the end of the Signature Coaching Program, you will:

  • Have crafted your very own performance lifestyle that creates space for your most important priorities, keeping the stress and overwhelm at bay.
  • Know how to leverage your hormones and unique physiology as a superpower to maximise your physical and mental performance in sport, business and life.
  • Be equipped to prevent and eliminate the negative health consequences that come with pushing the boundaries of performance, and maintain optimal health over the long-term.
  • Be empowered to unleash your untapped potential and thrive in sport, business and life.
  • Be inspired to achieve your personal greatness in the world!

The Signature Coaching Program can be delivered online or in-person, so no matter where you are in the world, you can work with Dr Kellie Rose to resolve your health and performance challenges and become the best version of you.

Because you owe it to yourself.

Would you like to hear how the Performance Coaching Program has already helped ladies achieve their big performance goals?

*Every coaching package is designed to provide you the best support possible for your transformation journey. However, if you decide this program is not providing value, you may terminate the contract at any time without incurring cancellation fees.

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