Share knowledge. Empower women. Inspire change.

Knowledge is power, but only when we put it into action. Workplace wellbeing has a direct impact on productivity, and ultimately performance, for both your female executives and your organization. Enhancing the health of your high-value senior women can help to enhance the health of your company, by reducing presenteeism and absenteeism – the main contributors to productivity – and retaining talent and leadership diversity.

That’s the beauty of workshops. Through small-group facilitated workshops with Dr Kellie, the principles of women’s health and wellbeing can be broken down and applied personally, through a collaborative and interactive process that ensures every woman leaves with practical strategies to make actionable change in their personal habits and lifestyles.

Workshop themes include:

  • Hormones 101 and the Menstrual Lifecycle
  • Preventing Stress and Burnout in Female Leaders
  • Sleep, Performance and the Menstrual Cycle
  • Exercise for Women’s Health
  • Women’s Wellbeing for Workplace Performance
  • Thriving Through Menopause

Dr Kellie can customise workshops and presentations to address the needs of your organisation and female leaders.

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