I signed up with Kellie that week, and it was the best decision I ever made!

It’s difficult to put into words just how much I have learned and developed after working with Kellie for the past couple of years. 

A major part of the work Kellie and I did was to help me to develop ways to manage stress better. I was someone who did not handle stress well at all – picture an introverted, shy person who used to capitulate on the inside when I got injured or sick, missed training or if things didn’t go to plan. My thought process used to just spiral until I got myself to a place where I felt it was okay for me to lose my sh*t – and by then I was way past the point of being able to think rationally about what was happening – so actually dealing with it was this seemingly impossible task. It was exhausting.

Thankfully that’s not me anymore. I am now someone who can more effectively manage challenging situations because I use the strategies Kellie and I developed to mindfully engage with the stress I was experiencing and resolve it. 

While our primary focus was on improving my athletic performance, I’m now more confident in who I am in my work and personal life. I know that I can handle stressful situations more effectively, and with less of an impact on my health and wellbeing, which will support me to achieve my goals – like completing my first Ironman in 2021.

The service Kellie provides is so unique. She’s a genuine and lovely person and her knowledge and experience, as well as her qualifications, mean she is perfectly placed to help you achieve your personal greatness – whatever that happens to look like. 

I highly recommend Kellie if you are looking to learn how to better manage the many areas of your life that are all competing for your attention. She is truly brilliant.