Mitch Larkin: Swimming Olympic Medallist, World Champion, and Commonwealth Champion

Sports science plays a vital role in creating a worlds best athlete. Kellie and I worked together with her as my sport scientist for four years, her knowledge and inovation supported by my coach allowed my training to reach a world class level and often focusing on working smart whilst also hard. As an athlete it’s always exciting being on a pool deck with a enthusiastic coach plus the energy and excitement Kellie offered as a sports scientist.
I personally, am always striving to achieve my best both in and out of the water. There isn’t a greater feeling as an athlete as achieving your goals, something you have worked so hard for so long. Standing on the podium knowing you haven’t left any stone unturned and it’s all paid off is the most rewarding feeling. I’m incredibly proud of the people who support me in achieving my goals and Kellie certainly played a large part of that!