Work With Me

Having worked as a performance-support manager to some of the most successful Olympic athletes in the world, I understand that it takes more than good intentions to achieve optimal health and sustainable high-performance.

Success doesn’t happen by mistake – there’s a science to the process.

When we operate under constant pressure, our health is usually the first to be sacrificed – intentionally or unintentionally –  and the exhaustion, overwhelm and poor life balance often leads to burnout and illness. Not to mention, the hormone disruptions during the perimenopause. At a crucial time in women’s careers, we experience this perfect storm.

I’m on a mission to empower women to perform, lead and succeed through the science of wellbeing, using evidence-based strategies to prevent burnout, enhance wellbeing, and navigate the perimenopause transition.

By working with me, women learn how to:

  • harness their stress to drive sustainable high-performance
  • nourish their body and mind with healthy habits, to function at the highest level every day
  • understand and navigate the perimenopause transition and thrive
  • achieve their potential in business, life and leadership

You can work with me in 3 ways:

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