Executive Health for Women

The Executive Women’s Health program will shift you from a state of surviving to thriving – from burnout to high-performance – where you feel happier, healthier, more energetic, with a harmonised work-life integration.

Having worked as a performance-support manager to some of the most successful Olympic athletes in the world, I understands that it takes more than just good intentions to reach optimal health and high performance. Learning the science of wellbeing gives you the tools to thrive, so you can achieve what’s most important to you in health, business and life.

Born from my own experience with a debilitating burnout, I am on a mission to empower you to perform, lead and succeed through the science of wellbeing. I apply evidence-based strategies to help you prevent burnout, and navigate the perimenopause transition – both of which often occur together, creating the “perfect storm” for career women.

I work with professional women who:

  • want to reach the next level in life and business
  • want the skills to achieve sustainable high-performance through health to propel their career to the next level
  • want practical, evidence-based strategies to manage the perfect storm of perimenopause and burnout
  • want to understand their body, leverage their physiology, and live in sync with their hormone cycles for optimal functioning

By working with me, you will learn how to manage your high-stress, high-workload career sustainably. You will feel informed and empowered to take action over your own health and wellbeing to enable you to reach peak performance – in health, life and business, without the sacrifice.

The Coaching Cycle

The coaching program spans 6 months, and is built on my 3-pillar model of Physical and Hormone Health, and Mindset, underpinned by the principles of habit change to ensure the improvements you work so hard to make, last!

There are 6 areas of focus within the 3-pillar model designed to boost your health and wellbeing:

  • Sleep – understand and optimise your sleep patterns and behaviours to improve recovery, physical, and cognitive functioning daily
  • Stress – learn how to harness stress, and regulate your stress hormones to fuel performance, through health and lifestyle behaviours
  • Recovery – learn how to manage your energy and effectively balance stress and recovery for burnout prevention and sustainable performance
  • Exercise – revitalise your health and performance through exercise for physical, hormonal and cognitive functioning, mood, and quality of life
  • Hormone function – leverage your unique female physiology to work in sync with your body through every phase of the menstrual lifecycle (including perimenopause) for maximised physical, cognitive and emotional health and performance
  • Mindset – unpack the beliefs that are driving your health behaviours and build new habits to support optimal health and wellbeing

What It Looks Like

By joining the Executive Women’s Health program, you’ll receive:

  • Fortnightly 1:1 consultations (in-person or virtual)
  • Health Discovery (60min) and Performance Lifestyle (60 min) sessions
  • Health Re-Assessment & Goal Review session (60 min) with individual report
  • Health monitoring and data insights using the WHOOP™ biometric device
  • Hormone mapping and monitoring using app-based technology
  • Practical, evidence-based strategies to optimise your physical and hormone health
  • On-demand access for ad hoc support outside coaching sessions
  • Customised resources and materials to support your health journey
  • Exclusive offers for you and a guest to attend one of Dr Kellie’s events
  • A 3-month follow-up consultation post-program to continue embedding long-term habit change

Why Executive Women’s Health coaching?

Many women are feeling exhausted, worn out, and unhappy, with little time in their busy schedules to recover. Work demands are overwhelming, and work-life integration has collapsed, as the juggle over your career, family, and relationships takes its toll.

The highest rates of burnout have been shown to occur between our mid-30s to mid-50s, which coincides with the onset of perimenopause for most women. Right when you are in the thick of your career, you’re faced with health and hormonal challenges, which compound the exhaustion, low energy, poor sleep, and high stress and overwhelm. It’s a double-whammy, and it’s a doozy! Unfortunately, performance is often affected.

This is what I call the perfect storm – and most women suffer in silence.

Join me in my Executive Women’s Health 1-1 Program and profit from evidence-based strategies that will help you to prevent burnout, enhance your wellbeing, navigate perimenopause – and thrive!

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