Executive Health for Organisations

I’m Dr Kellie.

I have worked as a performance-support manager to some of the most successful Olympic athletes in the world, and I understand that it takes more than good intentions to achieve optimal health and sustainable high-performance. There’s a science to the process.

Following my own experience with a debilitating burnout, I’m on a mission to empower women to perform, lead and succeed through the science of wellbeing. I apply evidence-based strategies to help women prevent burnout and navigate the perimenopause transition, which often occur together, creating the “perfect storm” for career women.

The cost of poor wellbeing to your organisation can be significant. Wellbeing challenges, for example stemming from increased levels of burnout and the perimenopause, can lead to low workplace engagement, reduced productivity, higher presenteeism and absenteeism, higher turnover rates, lower performance, and ultimately, reduced profits.

The opportunity to support professional women in the mid-life lies in wellbeing initiatives that make a meaningful difference to their health and address the specific challenges faced by executive women, enabling them to perform to their capacity in life and leadership.

I partner with organisations who:

  • want to be an employer of choice for executive women by supporting their wellbeing through the midlife
  • want to nurture the health and wellbeing of their senior female leaders and boost workplace engagement
  • want to reduce the turnover of senior women
  • want to improve their representation of women in senior leadership and benefit from increased organisational performance and profit

The Coaching Cycle

The Executive Women’s Health Corporate 1-1 Program spans 6 months, and is built on my 3-pillar model of Physical and Hormone Health, and Mindset, underpinned by the principles of habit change.

There are 6 areas of focus within the 3-pillar model designed to improve health and wellbeing, prevent burnout, and manage perimenopause:

  • Sleep
  • Stress
  • Recovery
  • Exercise
  • Hormone function
  • Mindset

What It Looks Like

The Executive Women’s Health Corporate 1-1 program includes:

  • An introductory group session providing an overview of the purpose, benefits and proposed outcomes of the program (in-person or virtual)
  • Fortnightly 1:1 consultations (in-person or virtual)
  • Physiological health monitoring and data-driven insights using the WHOOP™ biometric device
  • Hormone mapping and monitoring using app-based technology
  • Practical, evidence-based strategies to optimise physical and hormone health, supporting sustainable behaviour change
  • On-demand access to Dr Kellie for ad hoc support outside coaching sessions
  • Customised resources and materials to support participants’ individual health journey
  • A follow-up consultation at 3-months post-program to continue embedding long-term habit change

At the end of the 6-month program, you will receive an aggregated and anonymised health report, outlining the results of the program for cohort participants.

Why Executive Women’s Health coaching?

Amidst a talent shortage and a reshuffling of priorities from employees, data is showing that women in particular are searching for roles with better balance and wellbeing. Women are willing to sacrifice higher remuneration for better work-life integration and healthier lifestyles. And they will leave their current employers to achieve this.

Burnout is rising among women in the workplace at a rapid rate, outpacing senior men:

  • 53% of women report higher stress levels than 2021
  • 50% of female managers report being often or almost always burned out
  • 38% of women cite burnout as their main reason for leaving their jobs
  • 33% of women have considered downgrading their careers or leaving work entirely in 2021 vs. 25% in 2020

By 2024, 1 billion women worldwide will be in menopause.

Every woman in your organisation will experience the menopause transition – do you have systems in place that not only support them through this phase, but enable them to perform to their potential?

Partner with Dr Kellie and her Executive Women’s Health Corporate 1-1 program and profit from her expertise to help your senior women prevent burnout, enhance their wellbeing, navigate perimenopause, and thrive!

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