Education Series

Change starts at the top. But first, everyone at the top has to be in alignment when it comes to understanding workplace wellbeing, the risk factors, and your responsibilities as an employer.

This 2-part workshop series is designed to provide executive, senior leadership and HR teams, the information and support necessary to mitigate the psychosocial risks from an organisational perspective, as well as equip individual leaders with the strategies to enhance their own health for improved performance and burnout prevention.

Part 1: Burnout Prevention for Organisations Workshop

Through this workshop, leaders will learn:

  • What stress and burnout are and the impact they have on organisational performance
  • Updates to the psychosocial hazards legislation, what they mean for organisations, and their relationship to chronic stress and burnout
  • How to identify psychosocial risks, chronic stress and burnout in the organization and employees
  • How to mitigate psychosocial risks within the organisation
  • How to shift from a culture of burnout to engagement in the organisation and individuals

Part 2: Burnout Prevention for Leaders Workshop

Through this workshop, leaders will learn:

  • The physical, hormonal and cognitive impacts of chronic stress and burnout
  • How to apply practical strategies to reduce chronic stress and shift from a stress-dominant to a rest-dominant state
  • Strategies to bring the body, mind and hormones into balance through recovery, energy management, and body science principles
  • How to create a Performance Lifestyle Framework that prioritises health for burnout prevention and sustainable high-performance

If you would like more comprehensive support to improve the health and wellbeing of your organisation, then combine this education stream with my Coaching & Consulting service to target the retention and rehabilitation of your key staff.

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