I specialise in restoring women’s health through body science, technology, and human support.

Drawing on my own experiences of the highs of working with some of the top athletes in the world, and the lows of a debilitating burnout, I bring authenticity, simplicity, and the honest truth about health and what it takes to reach sustainable high-performance in business and life.

Whether it is through preventing burnout or navigating the challenges of perimenopause, the ultimate goal for my workshops and keynotes is to enable professional women to regain control over their health so that they can continue performing in their career with confidence.

My personalised and interactive approach ensures every woman leaves the session with practical strategies to make actionable change in their daily habits, behaviours, and lifestyles. Strategies that support women to continue performing in their career, with confidence.

Workshops and presentations can be customised to suit your audience and event, delivered on the following topics:

Powering Peak Performance for Women Leaders (half-day workshop)

Powering Peak Performance for Women Leaders takes a deep-dive into burnout prevention for professional women, who are in the midst of the health spiral and are close to, or are already burnt out, and feel they have lost control over their health and their life. This workshop will enable participants to regain control, rebalance their health, and continue performing in their careers with confidence.

Banishing Burnout with Body Science (60 min interactive session)

This session is the hard-hitting highlight reel of health strategies for busy professional women, that provides participants with the tools to prevent burnout and create sustainable high-performance by balancing the Body, Mind and Hormones – underpinned by the power of habit. Participants will leave with a health revamp and lifestyle boost that will get them back on track and performing in work and life.

Navigating the Perfect Storm (90 min interactive session)

This workshop is the Banishing Burnout With Body Science’s big sister, where we go a level deeper and explore what happens when we throw perimenopause into the mix – causing the proverbial perfect storm. Professional women in the peaks of their career will learn how to stem the health spiral towards burnout, whilst managing their perimenopause symptoms, so they not only survive, but thrive, in their career and life.

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