Chaos to Clarity Strategy Session

When your health feels like it has spun out of control, and you have no idea where to start to get things back on track, then find some clarity in the chaos with a 1-1 strategy session. In 90 min, you’ll work with Dr Kellie to accurately assess where you are right now with your health and lifestyle, and get 100% clear on the path to restore your health, so that you can get back to performing in your career with confidence.

This is the perfect first step for women who are considering one of Dr Kellie’s personalised 1-1 coaching programs, to get a taste of the process, support and guidance on offer.

Through the Chaos to Clarity Strategy Session, you will:

  • Accurately assess where you are at right now with your Body, Mind, and Hormone Health
  • Gain 100% clarity over what your desired health, performance and lifestyle looks like
  • Identify the top 3-5 goals that will bring your desired health to life
  • Develop your personal intervention roadmap with the tools and strategies that will restore your health and rebuild your performance


If you decide to enter one of Dr Kellie’s 1-1 Health Coaching Programs within 3 months of completing the Strategy Session, the cost of the session will be deducted from the 1-1 program price.

Ready to find clarity in the chaos? Book your personal Health Strategy Session and get back on the path to restored health!

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